The Hunger Campaign

500X500 Campaign, for 500 people to donate 500 Rs to help a small community of migrant workers in Uttarakhand. This initiative is run by a group of 3 students and is not affiliated with any organisation per se, though we are looking to collaborate further.

Who we are

Even though the number of under nourished people has declined significantly in India over the past decade, there are still roughly 189 million men, women and children who sleep hungry (FAO estimates). It is no surprise that the current pandemic has worsened conditions, especially for millions of daily wage workers. 500X500 is a campaign for fundraising to feed around 80 families in Uttarakhand. Our goal is to raise Rs. 2,50,000 (from 500 individuals donating just Rs. 500). This money will directly go to the families, and is enough for ration for 1.5 months, or at least till the workers can find sources of steady income. 

We here at 500X500 believe in transparency. If you have any questions about our processes or what we will be doing with the funds, please feel free to ask us. No question is too small.

What we have already done

We have been able to raise money for 15 vulnerable families with the help of Sewa Bharat and Azimpremji Organisation. The money was transferred into the accounts of the women directly.



Most of us spend Rs. 500 on a nice meal in a fancy restaurant. Why not give it to someone in need? Please find below details where you can donate.


If you know any organization that might be interested in helping us out, connect us to them!


Help us in making people aware of the harsh reality of hunger and under nourishment. Spread the word and do your bit!

Even Small Donations can go a long way!